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The Chula Vista Police Department and the Chula Vista Police Foundation held their 11th annual Shoes & Socks Giveaway on Saturday to provide brand-new shoes and socks to less fortunate youth within the community. 

The Shoe & Sock giveaway took place at 664 Palomar Street #1102 on Dec.7 in partnership with the Chula Vista Elementary School District, SBCS, and Solo Shoes. According to the CVPD, there were more than 300 pairs of shoes, thousands of socks, and backpacks that were given to local children. 

“To see a child’s face light up over something as basic and necessary as shoes warm my heart and remind me why it’s so important for my department to lead the way on these types of events,” CVPD Roxana Kennedy wrote in a statement. 

Students were selected by the Chula Vista Elementary School District to participate in the giveaway, hand-pick new shoes, and socks, as well as receive backpacks and school supplies.

The event was created by the  CVPD School Resource Officers Unit over a decade ago after noticing children returning from summer break with essential items missing. The officers decided to get these students new shoes and socks, which eventually evolved into providing new backpacks and school supplies.

The funding for this year’s event was made possible by donations from the community and by partnerships with the Chula Vista Police Foundation, Chula Vista Elementary School District, SBCS, and Solo Shoes. 

Chief Roxana Kennedy told OnScene TV officers additionally gave away “acts of kindness” gift cards worth $50 to Walmart, and at least 50 children received bikes from the SRO program. 


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