by Photo courtesy of the Sweetwater Authority

The South Bay Irrigation District (SBID) appointed Manny Delgado to represent residents living in SBID Division 3 to replace former Director Jose Preciado, who successfully ran for Chula Vista City Council in November 2022. 

Delgado will serve on the Governing Board of Sweetwater Authority until the next General Election for the South Bay, which will occur on Nov.5, 2024. 

Delgado is long time resident of Chula Vista. He currently works for an environmental abatement contractor as a project manager. He has worked for a public relations firm on public infrastructure projects in conjunction with SANDAG and local governments, according to SBID. 

He has worked as staff for local elected officials and has worked for the Department of commerce. 

“ His experience in community outreach and policy development at the private and public sectors will serve him well in his role on the board in creating water-related policies,” SBID wrote in a statement. 

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