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The restart of the Remain in Mexico program on the San Diego-Tijuana border included only 4 people in it's start this week, with which they added more than 220 people since November. 

The controversial Trump-era program included 4 migrants who are now waiting in Tijuana for appointments to visit San Diego for scheduled hearings. Before the federal immigration court, they will contest their asylum applications.

Another 220 have crossed through El Paso, Texas where the program began. 

The director of a Tijuana shelter told El Latino that "since last week they told us that the program began this Tuesday that we have space to house migrants who are going to be in MPP", or Migrants Protection Protocols, as the program is also known.

That shelter received two people on Wednesday and seven on Thursday. On the Mexico’s side of the border, the program is coordinated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) of the United Nations (U.N.), but most of the migrants in Tijuana lack information.

"We have children, we were persecuted in Honduras, and we have been here (in a camp on the esplanade of the El Chaparral gatehouse) for months now, so we would like them to at least tell us where we can register," said a woman From Tegucigalpa.

President Joe Biden suspended Remain in Mexico the same day he took office last year, but a lawsuit from the state of Texas that reached the Supreme Court forced, on a technicality, the Biden administration to restart the program from the month last.

It started in El Paso, Texas, and this week in San Diego.

According to estimations by non-governmental organizations and migrant shelters, the program could keep up to 9,000 migrants waiting in Tijuana.

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