by Photo courtesy of the North County Transit District

The North County Transit District announced a discounted fare package Wednesday for the COASTER train to allow flexibility and incentivize frequent riders.

The COASTER 5-Pack and COASTER 10-Pack are pilot fare products that "provide customers with five or 10 individual days of unlimited COASTER and regional transit system use within a limited time from the initial purchase," the transit agency said.

NCTD leaders say the new fare products are "ideal for employees with a hybrid work schedule who go to the office periodically or who want to take transit as an alternative to their regular commute."

The package deals also provide flexibility and savings for frequent riders who take in ball games, and attend concerts or other events.

The COASTER 10-Pack offers a 50% discount, based on the COASTER Regional Day Pass. It provides unlimited use of COASTER on any 10 days within 60 days of the initial purchase. Transfers to SPRINTER, BREEZE, FLEX, MTS Bus, Trolley, MTS Rapid and MTS Rapid Express are included. After 60 days, the pass, along with unused days, expires. It costs $75 for adults and $37.50 for seniors/disabled/Medicare.

The COASTER 5-Pack offers a 40% discount over the Regional Day Pass and can be used on any five days within 30 days of the initial purchase. Transfers are included. It costs $45 for adults and $22.50 for seniors/disabled/Medicare.

Both products are available for purchase through the PRONTO mobile app, at PRONTO ticket vending machines on COASTER platforms, and at NCTD customer service locations.

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