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Belonging to a binational community provides various benefits and privileges, like the possibility of working in the United States and living in Mexico, representing a higher income yield and opening the doors to the opportunity to own your own property. One of the best options is to connect with consulting companies established in the border area to guarantee a unique experience.

Frasa is a real estate developer who has been committed to the binational community for the past 55 years. The company was created under the premise of building projects of comprehensive high-value real estate that generates community and positively transforms the environment, always focused on the needs and aspirations of our customers.

The Tijuana-based company bases its vision on the commitment to be a benchmark for trust, satisfaction, and guarantee for its clients, working as a team with passion and innovation, generating profitability and added value in their developments.


With a team motivated by values such as generosity, roots, commitment, ethics, honesty, tenacity, and innovation, Frasa presents itself as the best option when it comes to choosing a company that guides buyers whose income is generated outside the country and who enjoy life in Tijuana.

Choosing a property when you have professional support is much easier and even more so when there are options such as Aurora Residencial, a new exclusive environment in Terrazas de La Dam of only 14 independent houses with a design thought of comfort and a price of just $2,996,808 Mexican pesos (approximately $157,730).

These independent homes are about 101.92 square meters, with two levels, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, TV room, outdoor patio, hallway, parking for two cars, equipped with a kitchen and closets; in addition to controlled access, a common green area, and two parking spaces for visitors. 


Given the high development potential that the city has in this area, it can also Privada Cobalto, the new section of Montebello Residencial in Colinas de La Presa, made up of 112 apartments that aim to offer its residents a new way of living and a more modern lifestyle. It is practically priced at $2,253,000 pesos (about 118,580 dollars, approximately). In this development, buyers will enjoy amenities such as green areas within the private, walker for jogging, small squares, and urban garden

“Privada Cobalto has one of the most beautiful views towards the La Presa basin, it is a proposal to be able to invest if you want to live there and make your heritage or to invest,” said Jaime Ponce, commercial director of Frasa. “It is a space with a pleasant design in a high-security space that will be impacted positively with the development and investment that the governments will make for the creation of the Park Esperanto, one of the most important entertainment complexes in the state and we would have very close to this private, so the value of the investment would have a gradual increase,” he said. 

“Cobalto is a private within a subdivision with high-security standards, with the advantage that it is in the pre-sale stage, which extends the benefits for customers buyers, being able to take advantage of additional promotions at the beginning of the year”, he added. 

Cobalt model consists of 69 square meters, kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, balcony, laundry area, parking for two cars, and electric garage, equipped with kitchen and closets.


Jaime Ponce said of the enormous advantages that the buyer of a property in Mexico when you have income in dollars, and that is that every time your monthly payments will be lower.

“One of the advantages is that the monthly payments are fixed, which allows people whose

income is in dollars have greater solvency due to the variability of the exchange rate, in real terms, you will pay less and less; In addition the fact that in Mexico the cost of services is lower, allowing income to be sufficient to maintain the standard of living wanted," he said. 

“We are specialists, we are a company that has been on the border all its life, we live the dynamic on a personal level and we understand all the possibilities to acquire a property in Tijuana,” he continued.


Location: Blvd. Fundadores 3078, Juárez, 22040 Tijuana, B.C.
Contacts: in the US 619-882-6902; in Tijuana +52-664-634-1122 and +52-664-676-8100

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