The National Weather Service placed San Diego County’s coastal areas, valleys, and mountains under a flash flood watch due to heavy rains expected through Tuesday evening. 

Residents of Chula Vista may obtain up to ten sandbags until 4 p.m today at the Public Works Facility located at 1800 Maxwell Road with proof of residency. The Bonita-Sunnyside Fire Station, located at 4900 Bonita Road is offering sand for bags to fill on a first come first serve basis. Residents are advised to call ahead of time to check for availability.

Rain Predictions are one to two inches of rain in Chula Vista. Originated as a cold system in the North Pacific, the storm draws warm moisture from an area east of Hawaii. 

The latest update from the NWS shows two bands of heavy rain, one moving to western San Diego County and another in Central Orange County, as much as 0.50 per hour reported in the heaviest rain moving east at 25 mph. 

City officials urge residents who are on the road to drive slowly and remain cautious of potential flooding in some areas. The law is that your headlights must be on if your windshield wipers are on. 

It is expected for rains to be heavier in North county with snow in the mountain areas at approximately 3 p.m. Coastal regions of San Diego, including Chula Vista, are placed under a High Surf Advisory, which will remain effective through Wednesday at 2 p.m. 

A high surf advisory means that high surf will affect beaches in the advisory area. The public is warned of dangerous rip currents that can pull swimmers and surfers out to sea and cause drowning. Large breaking waves can cause injury and wash people off beaches.

Residents can prepare for rain by doing the following:

  • Sweeping and picking up trash, leaves, and other debris that collect around storm drains and curb gutters;
  • Keeping lids on trash and recycling bins tightly secured and placing them away from curbs and gutters;
  • Know the safest routes to and from one location to another; 
  • Slow down when driving, and not ride or walk through floodwaters;
  • Don't lift manhole covers in the event of street flooding;
  • Turning off sprinklers and irrigation systems to save water and minimize runoff.

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