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Husband of May “Maya” Millete will appear in court Wednesday afternoon to address a protective custody order which prohibits any form of contact with his three children ages 5,10 and 11. 

Terms of the order instructs Larry to “have no personal, electronic, telephonic, or written contact with the protected persons” and Millet must stay “100 yards away from home, employment, school, [and] vehicle of each protected person.”  

Deputy District Attorney Christy Bowles filed a 21 page court motion to deny Larry Millete bail. The prosecutor wrote Larry Millete would be a flight risk if released on bail and argued he may attempt to murder the man alleged to be involved in the affair with May. 

The identity of the man May alleged to have an affair with remains anonymous. According to the motion titled “Peoples request to deny bail”, Larry asked a family member if they knew of someone to “get the other guy” and had told  May’s brother he “was willing to pay $20,000”. 

The motion passed on Oct. 21 which contained new statements May allegedly said to friends about Larry. 

“Larry does have a scary temper… nothing the people outside of the family have seen,” Maya allegedly said last year. “I don't think he would hurt me, but I think he would hurt the kids to get back at me."

In October 2020, Larry Millete contacted a spell caster. According to the motion, he requested a “death spell” against the man, who was married with a pregnant wife at the time.  

“Do you have any spells that can manifest to cause physical harm?… May his unborn child be punished for his wrongdoings,” Larry Millete wrote in an email to the spell caster, according to the filing.

A bail review hearing will take place Nov. 4 in Chula Vista Court.

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