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Business owners along Chula Vista's Third Avenue will develop an action plan on Jan. 24 to address safety concerns surrounding vandalism, public intoxication, and threats to safety. 

A new group formulated by local business owners will work to find solutions. A "Time for Action" meeting will take place via zoom at 10 a.m. hosted by Chula Vista Councilmember Jill Galvez, the Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD), the Third Avenue Village Association (TAVA), and the Institute for Public Strategies (IPS) South Bay.

This meeting stems from a November "Let's Talk" session. Some business owners say that these issues can be traced back to pre-pandemic regulations of businesses that sell alcohol. 

"There are fights nightly, people throwing up, property damaged, people urinating, and more in the store alcoves," Michael Pace said. Pace has been the owner of M&M Jewelers on Third Avenue since 1977 and has observed a change in the types of businesses that have sprouted up over the years. "Businesses are not following the restrictions to their alcohol licenses." 

As a part of a series of strategies planned by IPS South Bay, the Time for Action meeting seeks to balance business interests with community needs while promoting health, safety, and improved quality of life. The effort helps support the County's Live Well San Diego Initiative.

The challenges faced by business owners along Third Avenue and City officials include supporting the diverse spread of businesses and their clients. An anonymous resident raised complaints regarding vehicle damages caused by drunk drivers, insufficient parking for residents, poor lighting, vandalism, and drug deals occurring in the area. 

"I've been on Third Avenue for 22 years, and I am very happy to see all the new development," Rosa Cordova, owner of Salon Escape, said. "I don't want to sound negative about all the new development, but a lot more can be done to improve the situation."

Members of the public are encouraged by the Chula Vista Police Department to call and report crimes to build a database. According to the department, reporting crimes will show how serious the problem is getting and help them address the problem by assigning more resources to the area when needed most.

Residents and business owners who want to attend the January meeting should register here.

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