by Photo courtesy of Republic Services

Republic Services has resorted to using external services for the collection of accumulating garbage in Chula Vista while hundreds of sanitation workers reach their 19th day on strike for better working conditions with the support of several county leaders. 

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and county Supervisor Nora Vargas have supported the group of striking workers in person, who gathered outside the Republic Services headquarters. 

The incoming president of the California Labor Federation Lorena Gonzalez has expressed her support on social media.

Representatives of at least 250 workers returned to negotiations Wednesday, while the city of Chula Vista is also in negotiations with the Arizona-based company to honor contracts.

“The City continues to meet with Republic Services to ensure it is taking all necessary and appropriate actions, including, bringing in labor and equipment from unaffected areas if necessary to resume full performance as the agreement requires it," a statement released by the city of Chula Vista read.

Republic Services has a renewed contract with the city in 2014 that commits them to comply with the collection of trash and recyclables. The company reported that beginning Jan.3, it will resort to using external services to collect biodegradable garbage, except for gardening. 

"Republic Services is operating our regular trash collection program this week in Chula Vista with the help of our Blue Crew relief drivers, and we continue to make progress in serving our customers, "Republic Services said in a statement.

According to the company, “all accumulated garbage will be collected" and it will "remain committed to negotiating in good faith for a fair contract for all". 

The hundreds of strikers are sanitation workers demanding higher pay, more job security, and that the company replace old trucks for safety reasons.

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