by Photo courtesy of the city of Chula Vista

On Monday, Republic Services is expected to collect trash, recycling, and organic waste as promised at a Saturday meeting according to Chula Vista Mayor Mary Casillas Salas. 

"While this is a positive development, we are not going to rest until the strike is resolved," Salas said.

She said that many of the sanitation workers are Chula Vista Residents and deserve a fair employment contract. 

The Republic Services workers' strike will be the main topic at the Chula Vista government council meeting on Tuesday. At the meeting, council members will be asked to consider all options, including selecting a company other than the Arizona-based company, Republic Services.  

The proposal is "to ensure that this vital service is never interrupted again."

The unionized workers enter their fourth consecutive week.

Political figures in the county, such as Supervisor Nora Vargas and San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, have joined the strike in person to express their solidarity.

Others, such as the incoming president of the California Labor Federation, Lorena González Fletcher, have consistently supported it through social media.

Last week Republic Services was able to fulfill its contract to collect garbage that includes organic waste and that accumulated in black containers in Chula Vista after the Christmas and New Years' celebrations, but for that, the company resorted to a contract of external drivers for the trucks.

While in Chula Vista the possibility of terminating a contract with Republic Services is already being evaluated, in San Diego there are increasing complaints about the abandonment of garbage in multi-family containers.

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