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San Diego County announced Free COVID Vaccination Clinics for people 12 years of age and older at multiple locations throughout the county. 

With summer gone and pumpkins steadily on their way, fall has officially started. Marking our second fall season during COVID. 

Chula Vista the South Region Live Well Center will participate in the administration of free vaccinations on September 23 and 26 from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The COVID-19 positive daily case rate for Chula Vista is about 14.3 people. 

The City Council of San Diego’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery committee held a meeting on Sept.20 from four major hospital systems throughout San Diego discussing the impact and current status. According to Chief Information Officer and Associate Chief Medical Officer at UC San Diego Health, Christopher Longhurst, medical professionals were burnt out and relief ws not on the way. 

"It is absolutely clear there will be a fifth surge — period," said Longhurst during the meeting. "So we are expecting a winter surge and unfortunately we talked about this last year about being concerned about a "twindemic" of both flu and COVID."

Other topics discussed during the meeting include: 

  • The contributing challenges in treatment due to misinformation;
  • How San Diego hospitals collaborate to save lives;
  • What kind of public policies can help hospitals from being overwhelmed;
  • The State of California mandates that hospital employees be vaccinated. 

During the meeting, Longhurst expressed concern for a fifth surge to begin in late November and peak in January. Discussions of seeing the re-implementation of mask mandates indoors in addition to requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining and gyms. 

“Now that we're hospitalizing 700 San Diegans again with the bulk of those being unvaccinated, it's really striking to our team members to be quite difficult," Longhurst said.”

Daily COVID-19 data for San Diego county can be found on . For a complete list of vaccination sites, visit

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