by Photo courtesy of the San Diego Blood Bank

The San Diego Blood Bank is calling for blood donations as the local supply nears dangerously low levels, the organization announced today. 

Within this week, the organization anticipates running out of special kits to specifically collect blood from those who donate two units of donated blood in one appointment, also known as double reds. The shortage is due to supply chain issues, and additional donors are needed to fill in the gap, according to the organization. 

“We need healthy people to come in for a whole blood or platelet donation immediately in order to keep enough supply in hand for patients in our local hospitals,” said the San Diego Blood bank CEO Doug Morton. “It's easy and convenient— wherever you live or work, you’re most likely within 10 minutes of one of our donor centers or mobile blood drives.” 

According to the San Diego Blood Bank, the Holiday season is a tough time to collect as high schools and colleges are out for winter break and not hosting their regular blood drives.

“People are traveling and busy with holiday plans, and blood donation is not top of the mind for most people,” wrote the San Diego Blood Bank in a statement. 

To be eligible to donate blood you must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 114 pounds, and be in general good health. Eligible blood donors are encouraged to schedule an appointment at or calling 619-400-8251.

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