A San Diego man was found guilty on Wednesday and was convicted by a San Diego jury this week of federal charges for attempting to recruit a 16-year-old girl to become a prostitute. 

Keenon Green, 35, was arrested last year at a park in Santee, where prosecutors say he had planned to meet up with a teenage girl and take her to Orange County to work as a prostitute. According to court documents, the girl he knew as ‘Lexi” was an undercover San Diego County Sheriff’s deputy. 

Prosecutors allege Green began conversating with Lexi over Instagram in 2021, where they discussed Lexi working for Green as a prostitute. That would involve her working in the street until he could secure her a fake ID to begin posting online sex ads.

In one exchange, Lexi mentions that she is 16, in high school, and was late in responding to Green's messages because she was working on her biology homework.

After reviewing his social media activity, it was revealed Green had messaged several other Instagram users with proposals to work for him as a prostitute, according to prosecutors.

Green was convicted of one count each of attempted sex trafficking of children and attempted enticement of a minor.

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