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San Diego County received a $250,000 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety to fund education on proper car seat installation for parents and caregivers in underserved communities. 

A variety of education classes and outreach events, along with the distribution of child safety seats and training on the installation and use of child safety seats will be funded under the grant. According to the San Diego County Communication office, the program runs through September 2023. 

Thousands of children are injured or killed every year because their child passenger safety seats are not installed properly, according to the California Highway Patrol. Car seats and boosters protect infants and children in a crash, yet car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

“The protection of our youngest residents is of utmost concern, and all communities must have access to quality child safety seats and access to the instruction of how they can best be used,” said San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency Community Operations Officer Barbara Jiménez.

According to the county, the program will also include: 

  • Child safety seat inspection events and education classes.
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) training and recertification courses.
  • Child safety seats at no cost for families in need.
  • Partnering with local organizations on car seat safety community outreach efforts in underserved communities.

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