San Diego Gas& Electric announced residential utility ratepayers will receive $104 in bull credit on their February and March statements. 

This move comes following a decision made by the California Public Utilities Comission (CPUC)  to cover up the timing of two of three scheduled installments of the California Climate Credit aimed to provide winter bill relief to residents statewide. Natural gas commodity prices have swelled throughout the state as a result of unprecedented market volatility.  

DG&E’s residential gas customers will see a $43.40 credit on their February bill. Electric customers will see a $60.70 credit on their March bill and the same amount on a bill in the second half of the year. Customers will see the climate credit reflected on their next bill.

The utility noted that billing cycles vary for customers, so not every customer will see the bill credit at the same time of the month. 

“Over the past few weeks, SDG&E and CPUC staff met several times to explore the feasibility of moving up the climate credit to provide our customers with bill relief,” said SDG&E Vice President of Customer Services Dana Golan in a statement. “In anticipation of today’s vote, our billing group has been working hard to put procedures into place to accelerate the climate credit as quickly as possible.” 

This year’s climate credit totals up to $164.80. In the past three years, SDG&E disbursed the climate credit in three installments with the gas credit appearing in the April billing cycle, and the electric credit appearing in the August and September billing cycles.  


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