Southbay is now one of the most vaccinated regions in the county according to the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency. The latest report demonstrates 99.2 percent have received at least one shot within the southern region of the county. 

In a tweet, Vice Chair Nora Vargas said  90.3 percent of those eligible are fully vaccinated, crediting the high vaccination rate to a team effort between county officials, Southbay mayors and trusted local organizations. 

Vaccination efforts in the Southbay include multilingual campaigns in a door-to-door Promotora program that shared vaccine information, and partnerships with local firefighters to bring vaccines to those most in need. 

Vice-Chair Vargas represents much of the South Bay’s regions from San Ysidro to the Point Loma peninsula. She said her efforts are not finished and wants the county as a whole to hopefully reach 100% vaccination.

In Chula Vista, the number of average daily cases and outbreaks improves, but death rates slightly increased according to a presentation by Chula Vista Emergency Services Manager Marlon King during a Sept. 28 council meeting. According to King, the strategies implemented have been effective but the city still needs the continued support of residents to ensure progress. 

“The Vaccine is doing its job by keeping individuals out of the hospital,” King said. “Community transition rates are still concerning as numbers are starting to drop week after week” 

At one point during the winter of 2020, five Southbay zip codes were the highest for positive cases in the region, accounting for more than 21% of all positive cases in the county. 

Most recently, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order on Sept. 30 which will require students and staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccination to be able to continue participating in a public education or employment setting. This allows for more members of the community to become vaccinated. 

Beginning July 1, 2022, students in grades 7-12 are expected to be vaccinated once the entire age group’s vaccine has received full approval by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Currently, only students age 16 and up have received full approval for vaccinations; the Pfizer vaccine for youth ages 12 to 15 has only received an emergency use authorization. Because of the manner ordered, personal belief and medical exemptions must be allowed as it wasn't passed as a law.

Vaccines continue to remain available at the Chula Vista City Hall, Building C, every Thursday 1pm to 4pm. Appointments preferred, but walk-ins are available and appointment assistance is available at (619) 476-2397 by library staff.

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