by Photo courtesy of the Americas Foundation

The Americas Foundation is scheduled to hold a volunteer day on Jan.28 at El Colegio La Esperanza located in the neighboring city of Tijuana. 
Christine Brady, president of the Americas Foundation and Director of La Esperanza School, said community members who are interested in participating would be transported by bus from Chula Vista. 

“We meet at the H Street Trolley parking area in Chula Vista at 8:00 a.m. and from there we will make the trip to Colegio La Esperanza, located on Avenida Dirección Labor #15700, La Esperanza neighborhood in the SánchezTaboada Delegation in Tijuana, so that it is important to bring the corresponding travel documents”, explained Brady founder from college. "The idea is that volunteers support reforestation tasks, repair facilities, and other activities that facilitate the tasks that are carried out daily at school, in addition to sensitizing them to the needs of this community,” Brady said. 

The nonprofit developed a “More Art = Less Violence” program to positively impact the border areas where violence is continuous and “represents a danger to the life and integrity of the development of the young people who live there,” Brady explained. 

"We work throughout the year in the search for donors to support children's scholarships and youth that promote talented basic level students, as well as enhance their skills through arts and sports courses and workshops,” Brady said. 

The philanthropist said that this effort includes the integration of teaching staff of highly qualified and highly sensitive to be part of the program. It also seeks to bring the youth closer to forms of healthy entertainment, an approach to arts, sports, and other community-based activities that open the community to lead productive lives, and comprehensive education that gives them more internal strength and hope.

“We have a simple structure as an organization, with no overhead, which ensures that 100% of the money donated is used for education and social service programs," Brady said. 


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