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The lived experiences and rich multicultural upbringing in Chula Vista sets the imagination of Michelle Guerrero, who goes by the name of Mr B Baby, wild with vivid traditional imagery depicting strong messages with whimsical twists. 

Inspiration is heavily drawn from Guerrero’s past and lifelong battle with depression and anxiety that is represented in her art. She strives to set an example that “ there is a possibility of success through it all,” when depicting messages of battling addiction. As an advocate for mental health,Guerrero merges the two worlds of culture and mental health with her signature style. 

“Art was my escape. “I just found a love for it. I dealt with a lot of bullying, anxiety and depression. I've always turned to art to help me cope with the world, so it became my occupation,” Guerrero said.

She was raised in a predominantly Spanish speaking home with a single mother and older sister. Guerrero conveys messages that are open to the viewer’s perception with the goal of bringing happiness and joy to her collectors and community.

"Just keep going, it gets better. I struggled so badly in my youth. I wish I could go back and talk to myself then. I never believed that this was possible, but I learned that it is possible. You just have to work really hard, but it’s totally worth it," Guerrero said.

Guerrero lived and studied art in San Francisco. After attaining her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, she decided to return to her home town to focus on a career. Murals painted by Mr B Baby began approximately five years ago at Writerz Block, a southeast San Diego community art center that is now permanently closed. Through this center, she was able to create a robust portfolio in order to advertise her work. 

 The first “official” mural done by Mr B Baby depicted a portrait of a woman in Barrio Logan, which was recently painted over. Guerrero said her largest mural was approximately 100 ft wide and 60 ft. tall, though she aspires to paint murals at a larger scale. 

“When I stand by my bigger pieces, sometimes I can’t believe I did that. There are times where I’m like ‘oh my god I want to paint over that I hate it’. I’ve grown a lot and it’s hard not to see your imperfections,” Guerrero said. 

Guerrero 's most recent mural was completed in Los Angeles at Plaza de la Raza, depicting playful characters representing Dia de los Muertos. This project was a collaborative effort that coincided with the release of a new line of converse designed by Mexican Artist Saner. 

Guerrero currently resides in Los Angeles as a full time artist, toy designer, muralist, and mother. She plans to expand her brand as MrBBaby through collaborations, the creation of toys and clothing. Though, she dreams of creating her own whimsical reality by designing a Mr B Baby theme park. 

Guerrero’s work has been featured in galleries, such as Chimmaya Gallery, Just another Gallery, Chicano Park Gallery, and more. She is also a muralist and has had clients ranging from Random House to San Diego Weekly,etc. 

“I hope to bring joy to people when they look at my work. I want to make people really think and to feel included. A lot of my work is for the community. It’s for kids to love and to like and that’s what I hope to accomplish,” Guerrero said.  


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