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Co-owner of Chula Vista Brewery and Navy veteran Timothy Parker, is a South Side Chicago native who’s love and taste for quality beer was inspired by his travels. 

Timothy moved to San Diego to pursue his career in the U.S Navy. In 2002, He met his wife Dali who co-owns the business and was introduced to Chula Vista by her and seeded roots that thrive to this day. 

After five years of opening their first location in the heart of the city on Third Ave., the couple will host a grand opening for their second location on Nov.12 at 871 Showroom PL#102 beginning at 1p.m. 

Chula Vista Brewery was created as a homage to the couple’s two children. Timothy saw a need for craft beer in the South Bay and sought the opportunity to pursue his passion for beer.

He added there was some overlap when opening the first location as he was on active duty in the Navy as an Aircrewman. After serving 20 years, Timothy retired at the end of 2019. 

Timothy credits leadership and success outside of the Navy to “thinking outside of the box and challenging the status quo”. The lasting connections and mentorship opportunities during his service served as a source of pride

“I would tell people that the only person that can hold you back is yourself. If someone is a negative force by holding others back, that is only because they don't believe those achievements are possible,” he said. 

His love and taste for beer was acquired throughout years of travel and international experience. Once he began looking into the opportunity of diving into the beer industry, It “snowballed from there”. 

“The brewery was probably going to wait another 5 years to start, but I realized I could do it at that point in time. I just moved forward even while I was still in the military,” he said. 

The business makes contributions to the veteran community. Timothy recently collaborated with War Planes, a veteran owned company that makes body surfing gear to release War Panes Hazy Ale. 

Another collaboration with NFL Linebacker, Donnie Edwards and the Best Defense Foundation (BDF) to release Operation Overlord- Hoppy Pilsner 5.5%. All proceeds from this collaboration will be donated to the foundation. 

This December, Timothy will escort 50 WWII veterans to Hawaii through the BDF in honor of  the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“I don't wait for Veterans Day to celebrate. It’s year round for us,” he said. 


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