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The Regional Task Force on Homelessness is calling for more volunteers to participate in the upcoming 2023 Point in Time Count, which provides a one-day snapshot of the minimum number of San Diegans experiencing homelessness. 

The 2023 Point in Time count is scheduled for Jan. 26. The federally required activity is a “crucial source of information and funding for homelessness across the county,” as it collects data on the needs of those experiencing homelessness, according to the RTFH. 

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“A robust volunteer basis is vital to the success of the 2023 Point in Time Count,'' RTFH CEO Tamera Kohler said. “While we're excited about the enthusiasm so far, we need more people across our region to take part in the count.''

According to Kohler, by participating in the 2023 Point in Time Count, “your part by providing valuable information about those experiencing homelessness while ensuring that our region gets the federal funding it deserves.''

The most recent Point in Time count shows homelessness in the region grew by at least 10% since 2020. More than 1,400 volunteers participated and found at least 8,427 people experiencing homelessness across San Diego County.

This number included 4,106 unsheltered San Diegans, with 4,321 individuals in shelters. Of those surveyed, 85% said they had fallen into homelessness while living in the region.

For more information about the Point in Time Count, visit 

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