Yesterday, Toyota announced the recall of over 1.8 million RAV4 SUVs spanning several model years due to a potential fire risk in the battery.

It affects specific vehicle models from years 2013 to 2018 since battery replacement in these cars isn’t the correct dimensions. The recall is specifically for Toyota RAV4 SUVs with 12-volt batteries and smaller top dimensions.

Through a statement, Toyota said, “Some replacement 12-volt batteries of the size specified for the subject vehicles have smaller top dimensions than others. If a small-top battery is used for replacement and the hold-down clamp is not tightened correctly, the battery could move when the vehicle is driven with forceful turns,” they said. “The movement could cause the positive battery terminal to contact the hold-down clamp and short circuit.”

In other words, since the batteries aren’t the correct dimensions, they could shake loose and cause a potential fire when the car makes a sharp turn. 

The statement issued by Toyota indicated that they are working on a solution to resolve the issue at no cost to owners. However, owners will need to wait until December for more information.

If you own one of the affected vehicles, you can enter the vehicle information number or license plate information on the Toyota Website or the National Traffic Safety Administration Website.

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