More than 435 new parking meters are now accepting credit and debit cards and contactless options such as Apple Pay or a new parking app. The machines still accept coins too. The M5 Single-Space Smart Meters are located along many of the streets of the City’s Downtown Parking District.

 The City hired IPS Group, Inc. to provide and install the new meters with the goal of creating a more convenient parking experience for residents and visitors and helping manage parking demand.

In addition to the additional payment options, the meters will offer an intuitive user interface and modular components designed to be replaced and repaired easily. The systems use energy-efficient solar power. Customers can use the new IPS PARK SMARTERTM mobile payment application to find available parking spaces. Once parked, the app sends real-time alerts when the meter is due to expire, and customers can add more time directly from their phone. Customers can view, download, and print parking receipts or receive receipts by email via

The City’s Downtown Parking District is located in downtown Chula Vista and concentrated around Third Avenue, between E Street and H Street. The District encompasses a roughly 120-acre area bounded by E Street to the north, Del Mar Avenue to the east, H Street to the south, and Garrett Avenue to the west. Third Avenue, a major commercial thoroughfare, runs in a north/south direction through the center of the District.

Businesses along the busy Third Avenue area will receive flyers regarding the new parking meters to give to customers. In addition, a website further describes the program at For specific information, please get in touch with Chula Vista’s parking contractor, Ace Parking, at or call 1-800-925-7275.

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  1. What’s going to happened to disable people? We used to park on streets with regular meter (when couldn’t find a parking spot for disable people available) without having to pay…are we going to continue doing that?

  2. Does anyone know if parking is still free when you have a handicap card/sticker? It used to be at both meters and in Ace Parking lots.

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