by Photo from Chris Springer

The House of Music is bringing a massive celebration full of Cuban culture to San Diego next month. 

On May 1st, people from all over San Diego are welcome to join "Cuba Llego: A Celebration of Cuban Music", a special event that will aim at helping at-risk youth living in our community. 

The House of Music was founded in 2019 with the intention of assisting the local youth, and they are now fulfilling one of its main goals of hosting a fundraiser.  

The main objective of The House of Music is to teach music to underprivileged local youth throughout the County of San Diego, in an attempt to build a future generation of talented artists in our community. 

"The mission of The House of Music is to teach and mentor underprivileged youth throughout San Diego in an effort to find and develop the next generation of artists while providing skills that will teach more than music artistry such as: work ethic, discipline, teamwork, communication skills, self-esteem, building confidence, and other life skills. The House of Music will offer group classes to those wanting to learn regardless of income or ability to afford the high cost of instruments." The House of Music writes in a mission statement. 

The non-profit organization encourages people of all ages to come to have a good time at this event, which has a goal of funding up to 300 kids by not only providing them with instruments but also teaching them how to read music as well. 

Chris Springer, the organizer of this event, encourages community members to swing by for an unforgettable time filled with music, food, drinks, and overall a good time. But above all else, Springer says that your attendance at the event will contribute to an even greater cause, which involves helping current and formerly homeless youth in San Diego County. 

"Just knowing you purchased a ticket for this event, know that it will help to fund these kids dealing with homelessness. It will be a lot of fun. Dance floor, food, and drinks, all that fun while raising money for a good cause in your city." Springer said. 

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