(City News Service)-Rebecca Limon alleged she was harassed and eventually forced out of her job after she was diagnosed with PTSD following her work at a murder scene.

Limon alleged the diagnosis was triggered after working on the killing of 19-year-old Diana Gonzalez, who was stabbed and mutilated in a San Diego City College bathroom in 2010. Gonzalez’s estranged husband, Armando Perez, was later convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Limon alleged the experience caused her to suffer a severe panic attack at the scene, and she was later approved for medical leave. When she returned to work, her supervisors and co-workers ”ostracized” her and ”created such a hostile work environment bent on destroying any chance that Plaintiff would be able to succeed in her position as a Crime Scene Specialist,” her lawsuit alleged.

Limon alleged the city refused to accommodate her condition or transfer her to a latent print examiner position, which she was qualified for.

She sued the city, which settled the case for $425,000 in 2020. The settlement also included an agreement by the city to try and place.

Limon in a job she was qualified for and which had comparable pay to her prior position.

In the latest lawsuit filed in federal court, Limon states she again sought the latent print examiner position, but city personnel made up false criteria for the job in order to prevent her from obtaining it.

She alleges the city had her undergo a polygraph test, which contradicted the terms of the settlement agreement, and the polygraph examiner asked her ”intrusive and personal questions about her lawsuit,” including forcing her to describe the 2010 City College murder scene.

Limon was told she failed the polygraph test and was denied a chance to retake the test, according to the complaint. She alleges the settlement agreement required the city to transfer her to a comparable position without going through the usual competitive hiring process.

A request for a comment from the city was not immediately returned.

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