by Photo courtesy of The Millete Family

Maricris Drouaillet, sister of Maya Millete, the Chula Vista mother of three who disappeared over a year ago, will file a petition in court next week to assume guardianship for the children. 

Since November of last year, Drouaillet has requested temporary legal custody and, if possible, permanent custody for the Millete children ages 5, 10, and 11. 

Drouaillet began the process in October after a judge ordered that the children's father, Larry Millete, could not contact his children.

Drouaillet argues that the children's mother, Maya, is still missing, and their father is in prison. According to court documents, Drouaillet wants to offer a stable home. 

In a previous hearing, Drouaillet promised to "provide them with a loving and stable home, and I will make it easier for them to obtain the psychological help they need."

The court ordered psychological care for the Millete children to help process the loss of their mother and the incarceration of their father. 

The court authorized visits from Drouillet and other family members in November 2021. 

"While I will do everything I can to help bridge the gap with Larry's family, I wonder if Larry's family is capable of providing the children with the kind of emotional and psychological help that they need right now, so my application for this conservatorship," Drouaillet said in documents.

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