Living on the border has allowed Laura Cruz to combine a lifetime of experiences from her early years in Tijuana with her unique potential in the field of talent development. This has given her the vision to open the LBM Talent Academy in Chula Vista with a fresh approach.

“I was always a very happy girl and lived in my world. Recently, my mom gave me a notebook where she kept the drawings I made in kindergarten. I was always drawing brides with a style of dress that, without consciously relating it, my dress as a bride was very similar to the one in my drawings. I also drew a lot of beauty queens and crowns, but I can promise you that I never thought of it as a dream that could come true—I just drew to pass the time when I was bored.”

Laura recalled from her desk at LBM Talent, where she works every day, “As I grew older, I realized my love for acting, but my shyness prevented me from acting in front of others during my childhood.” 

Laura remembers that during her first semesters of studying accounting at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), her classmates encouraged her to compete in the faculty’s pageant for queen, and not only did she win the title of Faculty Queen but also Miss UABC.

“They almost forced me to participate; I didn’t want to because I was embarrassed and because I was frequently bullied in high school, I didn’t think a beauty pageant was something for me.”

“As a teenager, I studied acting and singing at ANDA (National Association of Actors) because I thought I would be an actress, but since I was very shy, I didn’t pursue it as a career. I was also heavily influenced by what other people thought of me, so I didn’t follow that path, but I still learned a lot in Tijuana.”

From an early age, Laura had a solid social sense and enjoyed volunteering and helping others. For this reason, she thought that studying law would enable her to protect people from injustices, but when the time came, she chose to major in accounting.

“Even while fate sometimes arranges events on its own, one cannot always grasp what is happening at the moment. Nevertheless, all of the knowledge I gained at the time is now vital. With no apparent relationship, they came together and gave personality to the academy that I direct.”

“My passion for helping people is fulfilled through teaching. While preparing my students for successful catwalk performances or speeches, I also strive to boost their sense of security, self-worth, and motivation to confront their fears. By doing so, I aim to create better individuals who will contribute positively to our society.”

The radio host’s unique beauty is not limited to her almond-shaped eyes, bushy eyebrows, friendly smile, and well-groomed figure. She also embodies the talent, strength, and security that define Latina women in this country. Furthermore, Laura is committed to using her skills to set a positive example for future generations.

“What I am today is the result of many efforts, not only mine but also of my parents, husband, and children. As a teenager, my mom took me to various classes, such as tap, ballet, folklore, athletics, and singing. We attended many of these activities in accessible places like Casa de la Culture. I even participated in beauty pageants to win a modeling scholarship, but unfortunately, I didn’t win any. However, I was awarded a car during my time as Miss Tijuana. Eventually, René Tamayo invited me to work for him as an assistant, where I learned a lot from him and his team, specifically Damián Galeana. Damián was a great mentor to me, providing me with valuable advice and assistance. To this day, we remain friends, and he continues to organize contests.”

Every lesson strengthened Laura’s character, and as a result, she performed better in competitions. She gained a wealth of experience from these lessons, which enabled her to offer her students the best guidance and assurances of professionalism to those who aspire to succeed in the modeling, acting, or casting industries.

“Since the Academy opened, I have focused on motivating women and men of all ages so that they believe in their skills and make the most of them. Today, the Latin profile is in great demand for catwalks and competitions, as well as for advertisements and other media.”

Her own experience supports her statements, as she has won numerous awards, including the titles of Mrs. Universe Mexico and Mrs. Latina USA. Her three children also have a notable commercial modeling portfolio.

Being a mother was one of Laura’s priorities; her thoughts have always prioritized her children and her husband.

“Since my marriage, I have endeavored to balance my career growth with my family obligations. My goal has always been to be a present mother, so my spouse and I set up our lives in that way to control our own time. And because of the academy, we have strengthened our family business further, which is significant to us.”

Although her professional background has made Laura a media figure, the community also saw Laura and her family as representatives in the defense of education, racial justice, and social security after her son was subjected to a violent physical attack at school.

“I temporarily withdrew myself from beauty pageants after that attack and learned that my son had a tumor, but it also strengthened my work community because we organized nonviolent protests against abuse.”

Today, Laura continues to grow as a professional woman, mother, wife, talent trainer, and academy director, supporting Latin talent.

Laura Cruz

LBM Talent Academy

Facebook: @lbmtalentacademy

Address: 555 Broadway St, Suite 2024, Chula Vista CA

Phone: 619 823 3267

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