Prince Harry's motivation to organize this intimate gathering was to honor military members and veterans in San Diego County, in collaboration with the USO, a nonprofit organization known for its unwavering support of U.S. military personnel. (Photo courtesy of the USO).

The event, which took place at AMC 10 in Chula Vista, left attendees thrilled and deeply moved by the royal’s genuine dedication to supporting military members and veterans.

Attendees at the event were met with a unique opportunity to interact with the Duke of Sussex and partake in a private viewing of his upcoming documentary series, “Heart of Invictus,” set to premiere on Netflix today.

Prince Harry’s involvement in the documentary series “Heart of Invictus” is a testament to his commitment to veterans and service members. Produced by Archewell Productions, founded by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, in partnership with Netflix, the series follows the inspiring journey of five veterans with both visible and invisible injuries as they prepare to compete in the 2020 Invictus Games.

These individuals showcase remarkable resilience and hope, painting a vivid picture of their training and the challenges they overcome. The series is set to shed light on the organizers’ efforts as they work diligently to prepare for the games, offering unwavering support to the competitors, their families, and friends.

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