Almost 15 years ago, parents and community organizations helped a group of forward-thinking teachers at Sherman Elementary School launch a remarkable project:

Create a Learning and Sustainable Development Garden project.

Students who understand the value of staying in touch and the advantages of having a perfect ecological environment use it now as a lovely and productive school parcel.

This is why it was significant that third-grade children showed up on Wednesday, October 12, to learn about the full cycle of harvesting, selecting suitable vegetables, and preparing a delicious and healthy meal.

Before choosing the veggies in the first horticulture production box, which started a decade and a half ago, the kids organize themselves./Photo: Horacio Rentería/El Latino San Diego

The young ones cut some of the veggies that would give the meals a unique flavor in the original box, which was constructed 15 years ago.

The teachers gave the kids detailed explanations of plant growth and the benefits of vegetables and herbs for human nourishment while in the garden.

After that, they prepared a tasty salad on a moving cart, which excited and interested the young guests and gave them an unforgettable experience.

Ingo Hentschel, vice president of marketing at Cox Communications, emphasized the significance of outdoor play for young children’s learning and development./Photo: Horacio Rentería/El Latino San Diego

As was previously said, the Project Learning Garden program gives students resources for transdisciplinary learning, encompassing everything from historical studies and science to language arts, arithmetic, and nutrition.

“Students benefit from expanding their palates, trying healthy foods, and learning about food origins; participate in authentic field research; manipulate the environment to understand mathematics in real-life applications; recreate historical activities; and writing in all these disciplines,” it was stated.

After the vegetables were chopped, the children enthusiastically helped prepare the meals./Photo: Horacio Rentería/El Latino San Diego

It’s important to note that representatives from the groups that support this local school program, such as San Diego Cox Communications and Captain Planet Foundation, were in attendance at the event.

Both organizations were represented as speakers by Leesa Carter of the Captain Planet Foundation and Ingo Hentschel, vice president of market technology at Cox Communications.

Nicole C. Enriquez, the director of the educational plan, Christina Abuelo, the school program coordinator, and Mayra Hernández, who was speaking on behalf of David Alvarez, the 80th District Assemblyman, also talked.

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