by Photo by Manuel Ocaño

A driver died after crashing his car into a brick wall Monday on Hilltop Drive, the Chula Vista Police Department said.

At around 3:26 p.m., multiple people reported the crash to police on 600 Hilltop Drive.

Chula Vista police officers who arrived at the scene found the driver of a Volkswagen Passat in the driver's seat with no passengers.

Police said in a statement that officers pulled the driver out and gave him first aid, but he was pronounced dead a half-hour later.

Witnesses at the scene said the vehicle initially stopped at a red light at east J Street and Hilltop Drive. The traffic light turned green, and the driver remained stopped. After several seconds, the driver accelerated north on Hilltop Drive. The vehicle made a right turn, went across a driveway, and struck a tree, then hit a brick wall.

Police reported that speed was considered a factor in the collision during the on-scene investigation.

Police are investigating whether the driver had a medical condition that contributed to the crash. 

The Chula Vista Police Traffic Division is in charge of the investigation. Anyone with information about the accident can report to the telephone number (619) 691-5151.

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