by Photo courtesy of San Diego County Sheriff's Department

A man put a 12-inch knife to the neck of his ex-partner and threatened to cut her throat, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department reported Saturday.

The man arrived unannounced at his ex-partner's home in Vista this morning, climbed through a window, surprised her ex-partner, and forced her out of the house by bending her arm, the sheriff said.

The sheriff's office reported that some of the neighbors called the authorities.

When sheriff's deputies showed up, the man, identified as Juan Juarez, took a 12-inch knife, held it to her ex-partner's neck, and told her he would kill her.

The agents established a dialogue with Juárez and convinced him to release his former partner. She had a two-inch gash on her neck.

Juarez immediately placed the knife on her neck and stomach. The officers kept up the dialogue and convinced him to put down the gun. Sheriff's deputies arrested him are other incidents.

The man faces attempted murder, assault, kidnapping, felony threat with intent to terrorize, and abuse with a minor injury.

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