by Photo by Sarah Berjan

A Chula Vista man was shocked by leaning back in his favorite chair only to discover a seven-foot-long rattlesnake.

Alex Trejo, an expert in capturing rattlesnakes, reported the incident. Although the type of snake found on the sofa is not poisonous, he said it does get defensive and can bite very hard.

Trejo described the viper as a blue rattlesnake, a rare species he said is very difficult to find, even if you deliberately search for it.

The owner of the trailer home in Chula Vista called Trejo's business, So Cal Rattlesnake Removal, for help. Trejo said it was easy to locate the snake as soon as he lifted one of the couch cushions.

According to Trejo, it was most likely that someone had the snake as a pet, and it ran away from his house.

He believed that the viper felt very hot and looked for a shady spot, possibly with available water, which was the house it entered.

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