by Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Airbnb announced a new collaboration with a tech company to offer Hosts noise sensors to combat unauthorized parties. 

Airbnb’s collaboration with the Swedish tech company, MÎNUT, offers hosts free noise and occupancy monitoring services. The company’s announcement comes just before Halloween. Hosts are offered three months free of  MÎNUT’s noise and occupancy monitoring subscription service, according to a company press release. 

“While issues on Airbnb are rare, measures like noise sensors can help guests to keep aware of noise and support Hosts to detect and prevent issues before they start – all while respecting guest privacy as the devices only flag if decibels exceed a certain level, and do not record or transmit sounds and conversations,” Airbnb wrote in a press release. 

The company said it will require Hosts to disclose the presence of these devices on their listings in advance of bookings, and “strictly prohibits devices in spaces like bedrooms and other sleeping areas”.

If the device detects a noise that exceeds the decibel level set by the Host, an automatic notification will be sent by MÎNUT through the Airbnb messaging tool to inform the host and the guest. 

The sensors are available to hosts in over 60 countries and regions, the company said.

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