A vehicular accident left several areas of Chula Vista without electricity on Friday night.

The suspension for just over a hundred people began around 6 in the afternoon when a sports vehicle crashed head-on into a light pole and knocked it down.

The incident took place at Emerson Street and Twin Oaks Avenue.

The driver of the unidentified vehicle that collided told Chula Vista police that the mishap occurred when he dodged into another car. He said he could spare the other driver but head-on into the pole.

The accident driver was uninjured.

With the fall of the pole, power was interrupted for several blocks south of Chula Vista.

Crews from San Diego Gas and Electric began repairing the fault about an hour and a half after the incident.

In its latest report, SDGE indicated that it expected to restore service around midnight.

On Saturday morning, the supply had returned to normal.

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