by Photo courtesy of the City of Chula Vista

Chula Vista residents who could not provide input on Harborside Park will soon have another opportunity. 

Residents and Business owners in Chula Vista may attend an upcoming open house on Nov. 14 at the Harborside Elementary School Auditorium at 681 Naples Street from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. City officials said participants may stop by anytime in between those hours. 

“The City is asking residents to share their preferences on how they would like the future of Harborside Park to be reimagined. Community survey results will be shared to help the community decide the next steps for the park,” City spokesperson Diane Howell wrote in a statement. 

Chula Vista City Council unanimously voted on Aug. 23 to temporarily close Harborside park for a minimum of 90 days to address ongoing concerns regarding illicit and criminal activity. The city has increased community outreach to engage with Harborside Elementary, the Chula Vista Elementary School District, county and community partners, and the Chula Vista Community at large to determine options for short-term and long-term solutions.

More information can be found on the city’s website at

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