by Photo by Manuel Ocaño.

On Friday, the Chula Vista Firefighters Union expressed its support for Ammar Campa Najjar as a candidate for mayor of the city.

Union Local 2180 President Darrell Roberts said he looks forward to "continuing our exceptional life-saving services with a fresh, bold and visionary mayor."

Firefighters expressed their support for Campa Najjar more than 100 days after their previous collective bargaining agreement with the city expired.

The union clarified that "the city council did not fulfill its commitment to the Chula Vista Firefighters and therefore endorsed mayoral candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar."

The union said the support to Campa Najjar is for his dedication to supporting the work of firefighters and upholding the dignity and respect of first responders and public safety workers."

Campa Najjar said, "Chula Vista firefighters have worked tirelessly during the worst fire and pandemic seasons. Without drama or delay, they have selflessly answered our calls. Now is the time for the city council to do the same with a fair and equitable contract."

Firefighters are the fifth labor union or association to support Campa Najjar for mayor.

Previously also supported Campa Najjar, the Domestic Workers Local 393, Plumbers Local 230, Communications Workers Local 9509, and the Neighborhood Markets Association.

Ammar Campa Najjar is one of six candidates for mayor of Chula Vista. Spencer Cash, Zaneta Encarnación, Jill Gálvez, John McCann and Rudy Ramírez also contend.

The first elections are next June, and the election for mayor is in November. In December, the current mayor, Mary Casillas Salas, leaves office after two terms in office.

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