by Photo courtesy of the FBI

The FBI appointed Stacey Moy, a Navy veteran, as a special agent in the local field operations office.

Moy replaces Suzanne Turner, who stepped down to become Deputy Director of the National Inspection Division at FBI Headquarters.

Moy is originally from San Diego and is a graduate of Torrey Pines High School in Carmel Valley.

Special Agent Moy joined the agency in 2004, and applied for it through the San Diego office.

In Washington, Moy led the counterintelligence and espionage office.

Later he was a special agent for counterintelligence at FBI headquarters.

In 2011 he was promoted to supervisor of a counterproliferation squad in Oakland, where he investigated threats involving sensitive technologies that could be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands.

He became unit chief of the Counterproliferation Center at Headquarters three years later and then deputy section chief.

In 2020, Moy was named special agent in charge of the Counterintelligence Division at the Washington Field Office and later became chief of the office's Incident Response and Intelligence Division.

Before joining the FBI, Moy graduated from the US Naval Academy and was a commissioned officer in the Navy, at one point serving as an instructor at the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado.

He has a master's degree in national security and strategic studies from the US Naval War College and was a senior executive fellow at the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government for Executive Education.

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