by Photo courtesy of Nathan Fletcher via Video Conference

In a report in which he showed that the pandemic is behind us, the president of the county board of supervisors, Nathan Fletcher, focused on looking forward with new goals.

The pandemic is not over yet, but "despite all the challenges around us, we also see signs of real progress,"Fletcher said.

With 93 percent of the population of vaccine age protected, the county has grown more substantial, "and it's getting stronger every day," Fletcher said. 

Now it is necessary to counteract what is still pending from the pandemic.

"I'm not going to let anyone hold us back," he said; "I choose to progress, I fight forward, and I hope you will join me because I know we can do it."

He asked that "please get your news from reliable sources that tell you the truth to counter misinformation. We need law enforcement. We value and appreciate you. That support will never give up."

Fletcher said that  "despite what you may have heard, we never stopped funding public safety in San Diego County." He mentioned a set of goals in his second State of the County report.

A campaign shelter for 150 homeless people at the county's Rosecrans Complex, in partnership with the City of San Diego and the Lucky Duck Foundation, with an anticipated opening date of July 1.

A streamlined partnership agreement with 18 cities aimed at helping the homeless, with options like safe camps, safe parking, tiny houses, public health services.

A new low-barrier addiction treatment facility in the Midway District.

Explore a living wage ordinance.

Hire more veterans in the county government.

An outdoor experience program at county-run regional parks that covers admission costs and provides equipment, instruction, and transportation to individuals and families as a way to break down barriers to outdoor activities.

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