by Photo courtesy of the San Diego Sheriffs Department

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department offers a free service program for elderly community members within the jurisdiction with its “You Are Not Alone” program. 

The program offers peace of mind and a sense of security for those who enjoy their independence but have no friends or family to check on them regularly. People in the YANA program can take care of their day-to-day needs, but recognize that a medical crisis could render them helpless. 

Each YANA member gets a weekly personal visit from Sheriff’s Senior Volunteer Patrol members. This brings a personal touch to the program.

“For some participants, the visits are the only social contacts they have. During the visit, volunteers check the YANA members well being. They also stay aware for basic signs of abuse whether financial, physical, or even self-inflicted through general neglect or lack of resources,” the department wrote in a statement. 

Residents can enroll in the program by calling a  local Sheriff's station or substation and/or bringing the YANA Enrollment Request Form to your local Sheriff's station or substation

The YANA program has been credited with saving the lives of many elderly adults who live alone and have fallen or become sick. Calls are made Monday through Friday before 10:00 am, and a daily log is kept to verify that contact was made and to note any special requests or information such as doctor visits. 

​​If a YANA participant does not answer after three attempts, Sheriff's Senior Volunteer Patrol members will go to the participant's home to make sure they are not sick, injured, or in need of help.

Some Sheriff’s Stations and Substations offer birthday, Easter, and holiday season visits with gift baskets. 

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