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The Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce is leading a community art walk on Saturday along the Broadway corridor with the participation of a dance group and mariachis.

The art walk takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the second level of the  Chula Vista Center, near the AMC. The event aims to create and preserve safe, healthy, and thriving neighborhoods through art and youth engagement. 

The event includes discounted food sales at the mall.

The art walk is part of a series of activities by the local Chamber of Commerce and the Institute for Public Strategies (IPS) South Bay from the Envision Broadway Chula Vista project, which seeks to launch the Broadway corridor in a renewed way.

"Did you know that the Broadway corridor generates more sales tax revenue for the city than any other area in Chula Vista? However, it is one of the most forgotten commercial areas," reads the project portal.

The Chamber reports that "as part of the Envision Broadway project, we empower community members to prioritize their needs and plan the necessary improvements to revitalize this aging corridor."

Event organizers say, "by increasing the economic vitality of this critical pathway, we align with Vivir Bien's vision of cultivating and maintaining a multicultural business district that promotes healthy choices and the highest quality of life." 

Art walk attendees will also be able to learn about plans to revitalize the Broadway corridor and ways to become involved in the project. 

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