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The San Diego Green Building Council began its loaner program that lends residents a portable single burner induction cooktop and induction-compatible pan for three weeks. 

In its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough to protect future generations, the City of Chula Vista created the Climate Action Challenge to encourage sustainable actions and development within the community. If you are enrolled in the Chula Vista Climate Action Challenge, you can also get almost 400 points for trying out an induction cooktop

This challenge is free and accessible to all through a user-friendly, online platform, connecting you and your household to your community. The platform helps with calculating energy usage, provides recommendations for making sustainable changes and helps you track your progress and savings. 

Induction stoves create a magnetic field that generates a current in magnetic cookware, which heats the pots or pans directly. For more information on this new technology please visit this Fact Sheet from The Switch Is On

There are currently six pick-up locations, but in May, residents should see a new pick-up location listed on the website and will be able to pick up a kit at the Chula Vista Civic Center Library at 365 F Street. 

Last month, the city of Chula Vista approved a zero-waste reduction strategic plan to achieve social, environmental, and economic stability after joining over 160 jurisdictions in the United States in declaring a climate emergency.

The declaration was made during a March 1 city council meeting, where the Waste Reduction Strategic Plan, also known as the Zero Waste Plan, was approved. The goal is to minimize methane emissions by reducing the overall amount of waste the community produces.

By 2035, the city wants to achieve 90 percent waste diversion by implementing a community practice to “reuse and recycle material. According to the declaration, through its greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, reduce vehicle miles traveled and reach 100 percent renewable electricity by 2035 or earlier.

San Diego Green Building Council is looking for volunteers to help staff this new South Bay pick-up location and if you are interested in assisting this effort, please contact them at

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