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A Chula Vista rent help program and the California state aid and moratorium assistance for the pandemic will close next week. 

The two programs expire on March 31; it is the last month of assistance to residents of the two cities to pay rent.

The aid has lasted from April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2022, a total of two years, which included the worst period of the pandemic.

Without the protection against potential evictions, eviction notices for residents with delays could begin on Friday of next week, April 1.

In early March, the City of Chula Vista extended rent assistance further this month with a $6 million fund. The city has invested a total of $40 million in the program.

The organization Housing Now has proposed to the California government to continue helping residents who could face eviction.

The group warns that while the worst of the pandemic appears to have receded, residents are now facing unprecedented rent prices in California.

The City of San Diego will continue an eviction moratorium beyond April 1 to protect tenants unable to pay rent due to pandemic-related hardships.

On April 4, the San Diego City Council plans to vote on a proposed “eviction at fault” moratorium, which will prevent residents from having histories that would make it difficult for them to rent again.

California now has a law that prevents rents from skyrocketing, but the cost is unaffordable for many families.

The median rental price in San Diego County is now $1,900 for one-bedroom apartments and $2,500 for two-bedrooms.

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