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Democratic lawmakers have introduced a proposal to extend the state's eviction protection for another three months through the end of June.

This week, lawmakers will put the proposal to a vote before the current protection ends Thursday, and tenants risk eviction.

State Bill 2179 protects tenants behind in rent payments due to the pandemic and faces possible eviction.

The text of the initiative clarifies to the people who benefit that it protects them from being removed, but they will have to pay the rent money in any way.

"You will still owe this money to your landlord, and you can face a lawsuit for the money, but you cannot be evicted from your home if you meet the requirements," the text says.

In addition to providing more time to prevent evictions, the proposed law allows recipients to consider that they can get more state aid.

"In addition to extending these eviction protections, the State of California, in partnership with the federal and local governments, has created an Emergency Rental Assistance Program to help tenants who have been unable to pay their rent and utility bills as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic", the initiative reads.

According to SB 2179, "this program can help you catch up on back rent. Additionally, depending on the availability of funds, the program may also help you make future rental payments."

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