A 27-year-old man was sentenced to six years in prison for transporting a 17-year-old girl from Arizona to Nevada to San Diego to involve her in prostitution. 

Samaje Evans of Las Vegas posted commercial sex advertisements for the girl online and took all the money she earned, which was about $1,500 a day, according to his plea agreement. He plead guilty on Feb.2 to one count of Coercion and Enticement. 

The San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force received an alert on April 22, 2021, from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about a 17-year-old female runaway believed to be involved in commercial sex in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and San Diego. 

According to prosecutors, the task force identified Evans as the trafficker and located him with the minor at a San Diego Hotel. A search of the girl’s phone revealed messages from Evans in which he directed her to collect money from sex customers and informed the minor she would have to pay a “fee” for not following the rules.

The phone also contained photographs that were used in commercial sex advertisements.

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