PayPal announced on Thursday that its users are now able to send money to Ukraine, mirroring the efforts of the State Department in their partnership with GoFundMe. 

People in Ukraine were only able to use PayPal to send money out of the country, but now they will be able to receive funds and make wire transfers within Ukraine and abroad. 

This action follows a request made by the Ukrainian government to open up its services for its citizens. The payment platform follows many other banks and financial institutions in cutting off Russia from services. 

The San Jose-based company said it will waive fees on transfers of funds to Ukrainian accounts, or for anyone receiving funds in Ukrainian accounts until June 30. Funds can be transferred into the user’s local banked or used as a virtual Visa or Mastercard. 

“Our teams have worked intensively to identify how PayPal could best and quickly provide additional services to Ukrainians,” the letter from PayPal reads. “We believe this service with be helpful for people in Ukraine to receive money from their friends and relatives around the world. It will also help Ukrainian refugees in other countries, so they can receive money to use or withdraw in their current location.”

The company announced that PayPal’s Xoom international remittance service is also waiving its transaction fees. The company says these new services will start to become available today.

“Thank you for supporting Ukraine and peace!” said Mykhailo Fedorov, the country’s vice prime minister, on Twitter. 

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