by Photo courtesy of the San Diego Police Department

San Diego police said Monday that they are investigating an incident in which Harbor Police officers shot a gunman who aimed at an officer in a Harbor Police parking lot.

San Diego police Lt. Jud Campbell said a person called for help on Sunday from a phone outside the Harbor Police headquarters.

An officer left the building and approached to see what the person he called, a man about 29 years old in a compact vehicle. But when the officer came, the man pulled out a firearm and pointed it at the officer.

The police officer fired several times as he backed away from the man and called for backup. Two other port policemen who responded to the call for reinforcements also shot at the man.

The man is hospitalized in critical condition, the lieutenant said.

The officer who fired the first shot has been with the police for seven years. The two agents who came to reinforce have more than 20 years of experience.

The incident is under investigation by the San Diego police and the district attorney's office.

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