by Photo courtesy of Chris Marin's Family via GoFundMe

A rapper and resident of Bonita, former Otay Ranch High School football player Chris Martin, 27, is in a Los Angeles hospital in critical condition from a gunshot to the head. Their relatives are gathering resources to pay for medical expenses.

His relatives say that last Friday, "Christopher was celebrating the birthday of one of his friends when three men tried to rob them at gunpoint" near a nightclub on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

When the assailants threatened one of the friends, Chris tried to intervene, and "moments later, Christopher found himself with a bullet through his skull after trying to save his friend," his family said in a statement. 

The singer's friends gave him cardiopulmonary resuscitation while an ambulance arrived. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

Martin has since been hospitalized in critical condition.

His relatives opened a GoFundMe account and warned that they had faced mistreatment in the hospital "by several hospital employees. We were told many things throughout these grueling hours, but we never gave up hope."

"We found that if we raise enough money, we will be able to provide him with the proper medical resources that he needs through extensive testing and the right neurosurgeon for him to make a full recovery," the family said in a statement.

Chris Martin's family has asked that "please keep our boy in his prayers and know that any support helps significantly."

Martin played football at Otay Ranch High School where he received a full-ride scholarship to play football at U.C Davis. He began three different companies since graduating, including a brand management company, a speed training company and a music label.

He released three different albums as a musician.

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