According to official figures, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved granting health services to immigrants over 50 who need them, regardless of their immigration status, which is expected to benefit 31,000 eligible residents.

Coverage will begin May 1, and in the meantime, the county is launching an outreach campaign.

"This pandemic made it clear that access to health care is crucial for our communities, and when they don't have access, it can be devastating," San Diego County Vice-Chair Nora Vargas said.

"Health care does not discriminate, and neither should our willingness to care for all of our residents," Vargas said.

Council Vice President Nora Vargas' proposal builds on state law Assembly Bill 133 that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed last July to expand MediCal services to immigrants age 50 and older, regardless of immigration status, based on a historical state surplus.

Vargas said bringing health services to immigrants over 50 who need them "is a common-sense approach to making sure we help make our communities healthier and stronger."

The board of supervisors directed the county's chief administrative officer to develop a comprehensive outreach strategy to help enroll newly eligible residents in Medi-Cal.

Direction includes collaborating and partnering with community partners and organizations and returning to the board in 180 days to report progress and efforts.

Eligible individuals can find more information on the San Diego County website at

You can also obtain information by telephone in any language at the information number 211.

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