by Photo courtesy of San Diego County

San Diego County’s Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement created a website filled with legal information for employees and employers across the region. 

The website can answer some labor law questions on the minimum wage, meal and rest breaks, sick leave, overtime, COVID-19 vaccination requirements, workers’ compensation requirements, and more. It also features an embedded dashboard on the status of wage claims judgments issued by the California Division of Labor Standards and Enforcement.

In a statement, the Department’s Deputy Director Branden Butler said the department and the site are important because questions regarding labor laws are recurring. 

“We will be a one-stop information shop for both employees and businesses to get answers to important questions about the workplace.”

According to the county, anyone can search for local employers who violated the California Labor Code, their type of industry, judgment date, and amount. County officials say the site will be updated monthly. 

The county said it expects to host free educational labor compliance training for businesses throughout the county, and available online. 

Contact the county Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement through its advice line at 619-985-1597 or email for information on workers’ rights and how to file a claim.

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