by Photo courtesy of Onscene T.V.

A Chula Vista neighborhood woke up to the sound of several flashbang grenades Thursday morning as the Chula Vista Police Department’s SWAT team assisted the criminal investigation division in serving a search warrant.  

Flashbang grenades went off when authorities delivered the search warrant at about 7 a.m. at 1635 Sunset Point Ct. Several people residing inside the home were taken out to allow investigators inside, according to OnScene T.V. 

Chula Vista Animal Control was called in to remove three dogs from the residence. 

Details of the investigations are undisclosed because it is still ongoing. According to CVPD Sgt. Anthony Molina, it is not uncommon for our SWAT team or any tactical team to assist investigators when serving a search warrant. 

“That is typically a part of the assessment done before a search warrant service when investigators are evaluating, and doing a threat assessment of what potential can come up. That is also a part of a de-escalation process where we look to see what resources we want to have in place when we want to serve a search warrant,” Molina told Onscene T.V. 

A California Highway Patrol explosives and narcotics sniffing dog assisted investigators. 

According to Molina, investigators made several considerations about the potential dangers, including the use of firearms, and included the SWAT team to assist investigators in serving the search warrant. 

There were no reported injuries during the search warrant service. 

“We are grateful that there weren't any reports of injuries or conflicts. Everyone was safe in this particular situation, and investigators could continue their case investigation safely,” Molina said. 


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