According to specialized consulting firm Zillow, the median home price in Chula Vista hovers around $800,000.

The home value index for the entire city of Chula Vista was $794,946 as of last February, according to the most recent monthly data available.

That record average price means an increase of 25.2 percent in the twelve months through February. The analysis still lacks the information for March, when the purchase offers increased according to residents of Chula Vista.

Mary, who lives in Eastlake and prefers not to give her last name, told Chula Vista Today that representatives from "real estate agencies come knocking on my door to ask if I want to sell my condo, and they call me on the phone every day.".

"I was worried that, without my knowing it, someone might have advertised that I was selling, hence the insistence of the real estate agents, but several neighbors tell me that they have to deal with the agents too," she said.

The home price index in Chula Vista has been rising for decades. An example of Zillow is that a house that in 2012 cost $307,000, last February reached $794,946.

Mary's condo cost $180,000 in 2001, and now her bank values it at $673,000.

While the house doubled in price, the condo now costs 350 percent of its original value.

Zillow puts the average condo price in Chula Vista at $580,000 in February.

The average rent for apartments in Chula Vista is $2,239 per month, reports RentCafé.

As background, the average rental price in Chula Vista was $1,700 in 2018, about $500 a month less than it is now.

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